TOP 5 hottest things men can do during sex.

Hottest Things Men Can Do During Se

TOP 5 hottest things men can do during Sex Massage

When it comes to sex, not only men’s enjoying have fun, but also women’s. Mostly gents think at sex daily, and a good way to end a nice day ir to have sex. Off-course, the easiest way to fulfil your desires is to make a booking for your greatest time of life to Erotic Massage London. Another, is to think more at your partner desires and make them become reality.

But, to do that, first think is to know what to do for. So, let’s see what women’s prefers in bed?

  • Give importance to foreplay. Intercourse alone can’t make her go to climax. You must to dedicate some time to cuddling her, kissing and have little pep-talks, to lead her into mood.
  • Stress and sex don’t mix together. So, create a romantic atmosphere. Some candles, flowers, air perfumes, etc.
  • Get creative, change, try new naked massage positions, look for her favourites. That is the recipe to allow your partner to reach an sublime orgasm.

Now, let’s see what women’s says about their preferred men’s behaviour in bed:

  1. “A little primal instinct: be frantic, hold me down firmly and thrust harder before he finish”.
  2. “Making noises, moaning, is so hot”
  3. “When he grabs my hips, taking control and bounce me off”.
  4. “When he cums inside me, is the sexiest experience and turn me on”.
  5. “When he just take a moment to admire me and just caresses my face after he finish, make me feel great”.

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