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Vip Massage London

Vip Massage London at Real Pleasure

Vip massage London is available for a special person and want to benefit from the best of services, then VIP massage London is for you. Thanks to it you can feel like the king of your city, you can actually become it for few hours or more. It is a unique service, projected for the highest quality people out there, and designed to match you with the hottest masseuses in town. The experience is truly sublime, capable of unlocking all of your senses and you will definitely want to come back for more.

Duration of this type of massage is at least 60 minutes.

VIP erotic massage takes place in a room equipped and decorated especially for this purpose. If the camera is busy, depending on the case, the receptionist can recommend and VIP massages to make another room available.

A traditional happy ending massage is considered and charged as a VIP in the following conditions, as described. Services will be above average and will make you feel great all throughout the session.

Fantasy VIP massage

The customer wants a fantasy erotic massage, an erotic massage different from the classic one. In short, VIP massage, body massages classic fantasy + various other fantasies.

This type of adult massage is more particular for customers that request at the hearing erotic massage one or more of the following action:


Sex toys 





Erotic show 

Various other fetish sites (feet fetish, foot fetish, latex, high heels etc)

Fantasy VIP massage London session at the request includes client and classic massage session. Such fantasies are just a more effective exhibition of erotic massage classic, falling within the allotted time.

Only certain masseuses are available for VIP Fantasy Erotic Massage London, contact the reception for details.

You will definitely fall in love with this type of massage!