Naked Massage London Services and Benefits

Naked Massage London

Naked Massage London Secret

Naked massage London is for many of us, the best-kept secret is that we love to touch and be touched. Sssst! We have some magnificent secret for a massage, but do not tell anyone lies in the form of naked massage.

1. Touching and intimacy

What do you feel when you reach for your partner? What instant messages are sent to the brain, then your body? Are you able to properly evaluate your reaction? Withdraw, physically or emotionally, or stay open to receiving achievement?

Often, we touch each other only when we programmed it to do. It is the reaching signal that we need something. For men, often achieve only express need sex, physical intimacy. For women, this means, in most cases, the need for emotional intimacy.

Exploring sensual achieving with your partner, giving and receiving, can overcome blockages emotional and physical intimacy can open the gate.

2. Sacred space

Naked massage is a sacred opportunity to open our hearts, respecting the divine in each of us. Therefore when you decide to start a naked massage like this, it is important to create an area specifically for him. This space can be the bedroom or any place where you feel good.

The concept of sacred space refers to a room designed especially extraordinary, separate from everyday life as much as possible, the usual. Together, decorate the place with objects that have a meaning for you and your loved one. Make an altar, covering a table with a special fabric. On this represent the five elements: earth, air, fire, water and ether (spirit).

3. Privacy exercise

When you begin to experience London sensual massage, it is important to analyze every possibility that you can influence reception capacity during a naked massage. If during communion arise some difficulties or problems, you can insert the following exercise can be part of the ritual of communion before a massage or simply one separately.

It consists of questions and answers. Therefore, decide who asks and who is responsible. The order does not matter because at one point they exchange roles. You can ask questions like "what is privacy to you?", "What you expect at this time from the massage?"

Naked massage in London can represent the perfect prelude!