Real Tantric Massage by Real Pleasure

Tantric Massage London

Tantric massage is not just a massage but is based on the belief that a healthy life has many benefits for both the body and especially for the spirit. Hindus, who first promoted this philosophy, claimed the idea of fulfillment and harmony by cultivating and educating the physical pleasure at tantric massage London agency.

Tantric Massage by Real Pleasure

However, it should be pointed out that massage itself is not intended to lead to orgasm but to establish a degree of intimacy between the two partners through physical closeness and also to relax the body preparing it for the moment of maximum intensity.

In tantric philosophy, nudity is not an impediment to physical and spiritual fulfillment but a return to the initial condition of man, when man and woman were a full initiation into the mysteries of sexuality and not excluded purification and spiritual elevation.

Tantric massage is addresses the entire body not just sexual organs and erogenous zones, called symbolic Lingham (which means "sword of light" or another put, "light beam" in Sanskrit) and Yoni (which means "sacred space").

Like with any type of massage, the application of tantric massage begins with an aromatic oil which is designed to relax muscles, to put blood in moving, to slowly warm the skin and put in balance the body and spirit.

We cannot discuss a tantric massage session, where only a real massage London therapist practice and focuses exclusively on achieving orgasm at the end of the massage session. Also, we cannot talk about tantric massage if orgasm is getting order and customer expectations. In most cases, obtain and orgasm in a tantric massage session, especially if they involved sexual organs.

However, the purpose of tantric massage is not orgasming physical as we are accustomed to perceiving it (ejaculation or orgasm vaginally / clitoridean etc), but reaching that orgasm sublime, totally, completely. Therefore, the tantric massage in any form cannot and should not be equated to erotic massage. Sometimes, after a tantric massage session, clients can experience a deep emotional release.

All these are negative emotions that you bury deep inside us (maybe not aware of them) and you can free yourself by resorting to a tantric massage session.