Body to Body Massage London By Real Pleasure

Body To Body Massage London

Body to body massage London is a unique and special technique, suitable for everyone who is stressed out and willing to experience a whole different feeling. This type of body to body massage is focuses on each section of the body, being able to soothe it out and provide you with plenty of energy and a positive vibe for the days to come. This type of massage is especially recommended for those who want to feel the sweet, caring hands of a nice masseuse.

Body to Body Massage London Unique Abbience 

Body to body massage is an art as it involves a sense of healing, sensitivity to touch, perception and intuition. It is a unique way to communicate without words, the energy share, to experience the joy of relaxation and mental silence. During a 4 hands massage therapy, masseuses’ hands have profound importance for those interested in health, harmony own body. Massage stimulates the sense of touch, the primary sense of the human body and has a strong psychological effect, removing tension, as well as the strain on the body and mind.     

Body to Body massage is a relaxing ritual, helping reduce physiological fatigue. Applied by gentle maneuvers, slow, long, low intensity, especially if associated with aromatic oils (aromatherapy) provides an important moment of relaxation. Using essential oils, massage can have a strong calming effect, reducing internal stresses in the body.

Soothing and relaxing massage therapy can help by counteracting the effects of stress. The naked massages relaxant effect is closely linked to inducing a positive mental state. It is able to reduce anxiety, increases concentration and creates deep relaxation, eliminate daytime sleepiness and insomnia.

Body to body massage aims to decrease the plasma level of cortisol (stress hormone) and reduce arousal of the sympathetic nervous system, restoring the equilibrium of the body. The relaxing, decongestants may be evident when the massage is applied to the muscles request of effort, muscle fatigue is easily removed. Applied to certain areas of the body, especially the neck can lead to getting decongestants and soothing effects on nerve pathways and centers, which are so important in combating stress.