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What is a 4 Hands Massage London at Real Pleasure Agency?

Also known as a tandem massage, 4 hands massage London consists of a series of manual techniques and maneuvers applied to a single patient by two therapists, simultaneously. Massage is a traditional practice in Tibet, its therapeutic virtues have recently been discovered in the West, and appreciated as such.

Massage at 4 hands

Usually, massage at 4 hands in London is combined in a Schema related to specific maneuvers of relaxation. This type of four hands massage aims at both the revival of mental state and rebalancing the somatic level.

Treated diseases / relieved by massage to 4 hands in London

London 4 Hands Massage is an optimal solution for improving any conditions or discomfort caused by them, including fatigue and stress.

Depending on patient needs, the scenario of a meeting may combine maneuvers of the most diverse, most general being borrowed from relaxing massages and therapeutic maneuvers accompanied by lymphatic drainage and cellulite massage. Being, however, deep massage personalized "recipe" remains strictly indicative general meeting.

The two masseurs work either synchronously or asynchronously. The first strategy consists of working maneuvers applied symmetrically identical (eg, therapists manipulate the same way by one of the arms of the patient). Second, the maneuvers applied in the mirror, the opposition (for example, a therapist works on his head and the other on foot).

Increased complementarities

While generally a mix of techniques taken from various manual therapies, massage at 4 hands is distinguished by its strong complementary nature. Tandem tantric massage London sessions have a much deeper if you include items aromatherapy and music therapy, and if followed by a sauna or other ways to strengthen the therapeutic effect.


Rebalancing physical and mental weakness, skin tone, and blood and lymph flow optimization all other therapies guaranteed effects are felt by the patient base since the first sessions.

Fast relaxation

Unlike kinds of massage heads up (one patient and one therapist), tandem massage induces a more profound relaxation, installed much faster, triggered by the action of two masseurs, whatever the strategy used (synchronous or asynchronous ).

Duration of the 4 hands massages London

Typical massage session lasts 45 minutes to an hour. The recommended frequency of meetings, at least in the initial phase is 2-3 sessions per week.

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